POOLY, the full swimming pool in an easy way


POOLY® is a swimming-pool concept invented and developed by PISCINES DUGAIN,
a French SME based at Troyes (Aube, Champagne), with branches at Auxerre and Sens (Yonne, Burgundy).

Active in the swimming-pool market since 1986,
PISCINES DUGAIN designs, manufactures, and markets swimming pools based on a patented all-solid-concrete concept.

PISCINES DUGAIN cultivates a real technical requirement in the building of its swimming pools and offers,
a unique offer on the market of concrete swimming pools, a significant guarantee of 20 years on its structure.

This POOLY® construction technology has many advantages. POOLY's built-in SKIM’BLOC® filtration unit,
on the back of the pool itself, makes building the pool easier.

POOLY®, the complete swimming pool in all its simplicity.

Patended Concept
Self-bracing panels – 100% solid concrete
Made in France


Piscine Pooly


  • « 100% solid concrete » structure, 20 year guarantee
  • Flat bottom or FY gently sloping bottom
  • Liner Light Blue
  • Échelle inox
Existe en 4 dimensions :
  • 6,03 x 2.96 m
  • 7,26 x 3,58 m
  • 8,18 x 3,89 m
  • 9,10 x 4,19 m
liner bleu pâle
font plat
pente douce
échelle inox
garantie 20ans

Pooly® : filtration

SKIM’BLOC access :
  • filtration
  • electrical box
  • lighting
  • bypass waiting for heating
SKIM’BLOC luxe :
  • SKIM’BLOC access
  • salt chlorinator
  • pH regulator

Accessories included

  • Full broom (broom, telescopic handle and hose)
  • Liner comfort felt (bottom)
  • Lighting
Coping kit

Available options

  • Coping kit
  • Two-speed pump for counter-flow swim and massage
  • UV treatmentV
  • Other colors of liner
  • Heating
  • Blankets
  • Security
  • Pavings

No need for technical room

SKIM'BLOC : complete filtration unit backed by the pool

  • filtration pump
  • electrical box
  • lighting
  • several options available...

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